Testimonials: The Beni Family

Testimonial The Weisz Family

5 Reasons for why Jodi has changed our lives:
1) With three children, Jodi goes beyond just cooking for us. She takes care of us by making sure we eat healthy, nutritious meals and that our pantry and fridge are stocked with groceries for the week.

2) We save hundreds of dollars by not buying kid-friendly frozen food or take out. Jodi grocery shops and keeps our budget in mind.

3) We save two hours daily in food prep and cooking ourselves. That means instead of rushing around to cook after a long work day, we come home and spend 10-15 minutes getting dinner on the table. That also means more time to play with our children before bedtime.

4) There are always adult and kid-friendly options (cornbread with and without jalapenos, turkey meatloaf with and without mushrooms, spicy chili and mild chili, etc) so no one goes hungry.

5) The entire family eats a variety of foods that we would’nt think about cooking or eating because Jodi is creative with her cooking.

Seriously, Jodi changed our lives for the better. I know she can do it for your life too. Please dont hesitate to email me with questions (juliaweisz17@gmail.com).

The Busy Beni Home (another busy family ).

I had the pleasure of being invited into the Beni home. They lead busy lives with their three beautiful children and demanding jobs. When I originally spoke with them they where thrilled that I offered the services they crave. I now go to their home each week, and cook in their kitchen. I grocery shop for Mrs. Beni and her family. Picking all fresh foods and only the best. Saving Mrs. Beni the grocery trip, I shop for her! I then bring their groceries to their home and let my passion for cooking take over. In no time the air is filled with warming aromas from their different dishes that I prepair and their fridge becomes full of freshly prepared ready meals for the week. Nothing brings me more joy then to cook for a family who I KNOW will now be eating fresh healthy meals from the comfort of their own home as a family. When portion controlled or planned accordingly Mr and Mrs. Beni also have lunch the next day! Beautiful right!? They thought so too.


“Hello Jodi!! I had to take a free second (now that I have one ha!) to write you and tell you THANK YOU for your generocity in sharing your talents with my family. We are fully enjoying the meals and left overs you have prepared. Oh, and that fruit tray is amazing!! My kids absolutly love it. They grab and go and I am loving that I dont have to make a mess each time I need to dice up fruit for my little ones. Now I just grab and go. Another huge thing I wish I could shout from a roof top to all shopping moms is that I have saved so much money in NOT compulsively shopping. My grocery cost is so much less money now and as a family we are eating way healthier!! I really can’t thank you enough for what you do. It’s like having a mom/grandma around everyday cooking for us!! Again, thank you! We look forward to your continued kitchen love!!!”  ~Paige & Renato de Beni

We requested a veggie tray for a family get together and we used it for deli style sandwiches and it was a huge hit!