I am a Vegan, my husband is not (he eats meat ugg) .  Can you cook for us?

Short answer YES.  I cook for  all kinds of dietary needs.  GF diets,  Low Carb, I have worked in Kosher Kitchens.  I communicate with all my clients, for all their special needs  and Likes or not so likes.  

img_5181 Eggplant Melzane or Eggplant Lite!

How do your Services Work?

I come into your home prior to doing any work for you, and we sit down and talk about what you and your family like to eat.  I add my knowledge and expertise (25 years of owning my own Catering Company and 12 years as Chef at an upscale Recovery House in Malibu).  I will  create a menu each week and email it to you for your perusal. I then come to your home in the morning on the date we set and see what you already have in your kitchen that I can use.  I get a grocery list from you (if you like).  I shop for all the ingredients needed to prepare your meals, and pick up anything you put on your list.  The grocery receipt is separate from my fee.  I am usually at a home for 6 to 8 hours and if you use portion control, you will have 5 to 6 days worth of Dinners and Lunches for you and your family.  All the meals are placed in your casserole dishes or tupperware and clearly marked as to heat up times.  Usually  350 temp for 5 to 15 minutes.  That’s it, you heat up and eat up!  

I fill your kitchen with Fresh Healthy Foods, & a Menu custom made to your likes – and a Fridge that has within your reach Delicious, Healthy Mouthwatering Food!

What is your Fee?

My fee starts at $350.00.  It can go up depending on size of family, dietary needs, location.  If you are a single person I suggest you get a friend or family member and you can split the cost.  I will divide the food and place it in containers that you provide, at no additional cost.  This has worked out very well for my clients.  

What is your background?

I went to Culinary School in Las Vegas CCSN.  I  opened up my own catering business, where I worked with clients who were already friends or became friends.  I taught cooking classes at homes, I’ve catered showers, weddings, business openings and birthday parties.  I also do special events for intimate gatherings. I spent 12 years as a Chef in a beautiful
recovery house in the Santa Monica Montains Conservancy.  I am very grateful that I make a living doing something that gives me so much joy and brings joy to those I cook for.  Food is healing and important! 

How often can I use your Service/Kitchen Magic!

Thank you for that! I have Clients that use me weekly, some once a month and some call me for Special Occasions ie: “Its my Partners Birthday and I want to give her a week off from cooking.” I will schedule you into my Calender, of course the more notice I can get the more likely you will have me on the date that works best for you.