Chef Jodi Cooks is a cooking service where:

“I come into your home prior to doing any work for you, and we sit down and talk about what you and your family like to eat.  I add my knowledge and expertise (25 years of owning my own Catering Company and 12 years as Chef at an upscale Recovery House in Malibu).  I will create a menu each week and email it to you for your perusal. I then come to your home in the morning on the date we set and see what you already have in your kitchen that I can use.  I get a grocery list from you (if you like).  I shop for all the ingredients needed to prepare your meals, and pick up anything you put on your list.  The grocery receipt is separate from my fee.  I am usually at a home for 6 to 8 hours and if you use portion control, you will have 5 to 6 days worth of Dinners and Lunches for you and your family.  All the meals are placed in your casserole dishes or tupperware and clearly marked as to heat up times.  Usually 350 temp for 5 to 15 minutes.  That’s it, you heat up and eat up!”

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“That fruit tray is amazing!! My kids absolutly love it. They grab and go and I am loving that I don’t have to make a mess each time I need to dice up fruit for my little ones.”

“My grocery cost is so much less money now and as a family we are eating way healthier!!”

The Beni Family

“We save hundreds of dollars by not buying kid-friendly frozen food or take out. Jodi grocery shops and keeps our budget in mind.”

“Seriously, Jodi changed our lives for the better. I know she can do it for your life too.”

The Weisz Family